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Global Compact for Refugees - Formal Consultations

February - July 2018, Geneva, Switzerland - The global compact on refugees is being developed through three inter-related processes:

  1. The Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework will continue to be applied to specific countries or situations including by drawing lessons from existing or past refugee situations. Learn more about this work here.
  2. Thematic discussions on the key aspects of the Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework are taking place with involvement of UN Member States, NGOs, academics, experts, advocacy groups, and other stakeholders. These discussions will take place in dedicated sessions from July 2017, as well as in existing fora, such as UNHCR’s 2017 Annual Consultations with NGOs in June 2017. Key topics will include: past and current regional approaches to large movements of refugees; measures to be taken on the reception and admission of refugees; support for immediate and ongoing needs of refugees and host communities; and durable solutions for refugees. Learn more about the thematic discussions here.
  3. A stocktaking of progress made and lessons learned will take place in late 2017, including at the High Commissioner’s Dialogue on Protection Challenges in December.

UNHCR will then produce and circulate a draft of the proposed global compact on refugees. Formal consultations will take place between February and July 2018, informing the final text to be proposed by the High Commissioner in his 2018 annual report.

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