Our membership is made up of over 75 institutions, encompassing humanitarian and development agencies, academic bodies, networks of municipal authorities and professional institutes representing architects, engineers and planners.

The Alliance operates on a two-tier system of membership. In order to join the Alliance, members commit to the principles set out in the Urban Crises Charter (by becoming a signatory) and use them as a basis for both policy level and operational engagement.

Those who want to contribute more to the Alliance may become Partners. In addition to committing to the principles, Partners commit to the following:

  • Strengthen their institutional set up, capacity and programming in order to contribute more effectively towards the goal of improved prevention; preparedness and response to urban humanitarian crises;
  • Make specific commitments to work with other partners to develop new initiatives under the four priority areas.
  • Actively support the core functions of the Alliance.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, please contact us.